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Snowmobiling – Ice Fishing – Ice Hut Rentals

You can see one of our ice huts on the river. It is in a very productive spot to say the least.

HooknBullet Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing

We never really close. Except for probably during Ice IN or Ice OUT. Hook n Bullet is open all year.

We are situated close to the Sunset Trail Riders groomed and well maintained trail system and close to the necessary shopping areas you may require for any supplies you will need while spending part of your snowmobiling adventure into North Western Ontario with us. The STR as the area club is called offers superb information as to the grooming of their system through their daily, updated message board.

Ice Fishing

If you wish we can be your tour guide to our fantastic Winter wonderland, this way you will be assured of a safe and enjoyed adventure into our area over the hundreds of miles of extremely well groomed trails we have in District 17.

We will have Fishing Huts available for rent on a daily, weekly or weekend basis, (your own tackle) Trail Permits and fishing permits are available at various locations in Kenora. Trail permit prices are posted on the STR Site.

Imagine catching a 4-5 lb walleye, giant Northern Pike, Ling Cod, Perch through the ice. Our huts are strategically placed in locations WE KNOW where the fish are located.

Why spend the long winter weekends sitting at home watching re-runs on TV.? Take an adventure into Ontario’s Winter Wonderland the place we call home.


Lake and Sightseeing Tours

Visiting Kenora and looking for something to do to pass the time?

Once you have seen the sights of Kenora we welcome you aboard our Lund 1900 Pro V to take in the sights out on Lake of the Woods. Kenora is exciting yes, but we figure that there is nothing better than seeing Kenora from the water, then seeing some of the areas finest features which ARE OUT ON THE LAKE ITSELF.

Devils Gap, Lake of the Woods HooknBullet lake ToursActually SEE while driving by the Devil at Devil’s Gap.

Black Bear HooknBullet Lake ToursCruise past one of the old mines that put Lake of the Woods and KENORA on the Map. See native Pictograph’s and you no doubt will see reasonably up close some of our Wildlife that abounds in our area. Beaver, soaring Eagles, Pelicans, deer and maybe even a Bald Eagle HooknBullet Lake of the Woods Tours.bear searching for food along the shore line. Anything is possible OUT on Lake of the Woods.

Give us a call today, and book your sightseeing tour while in Kenora. We can customize any tour to suit your requirements.

  1. A shopping tour to Sioux Narrows
  2. Dinner Cruises to Wiley Point Lodge, Totem Lodge (Sioux Narrows) Ash Rapids Lodge, Crow Rock Lodge are all included. Just book your dinner reservation and we will get you their on time, safely and bring you back to Kenora or your pick up area.
  3. Shopping Cruise to Rainy River (Cross the Border to the U.S. to shop) (Proper ID Required)

You may also want to consider a Shore Lunch which is a FOUR HOUR Tour and Lunch.


Shore Lunch Adventures

Visiting Kenora and staying at one of our hotels, motels or BB’s.? Require something exciting to do this weekend or during the week?

Why not indulge yourself with a Walleye Shorelunch Dinner or Supper, cooked on one of the thousands of secluded islands on Lake of the Woods.

Only Hook n Bullet offers such an adventure.

We pick you up at the local docks. Take you and your party to an island on Lake of the Woods and actually cook you one of the finest lunches, dinners you will ever have. A dinner of freshly cooked walleye and condiments tastes better over a fire than a stove top. Along the way we will show you some of the lakes history,The Devil’s Gap, eagle nests, abandoned Gold Mines, and other sites of interest.

  • Fresh locally caught walleye fillets, cooked to perfection.
  • Fries, Beans, Bread, Fruit Desert, Cookies, etc..
  • After lunch enjoy a leisurely ride back to Kenora.
  • We will be offering this shorelunch dinner adventure on
  • Lake of the Woods or Winnipeg River System. Your Choice.

2 People OR MORE. Please call for availability and rates.

Your shore-lunch adventure will be in a boat as pictured above or our Pontoon Boat. For the shore-lunch’s for larger groups or parties a dining tent will be in place, portable toilet for the ladies, and other conveniences. Contact Us for Full Details and Please DO Book these early.

Note – Please try and give us as much notice as possible for all Shore-lunch Adventures.


Canoeing and Kayaking

No doubt one of the best ways to see the abundance of Wildlife Lake of the Woods or the Winnipeg River System has to offer. From a seat in either a canoe or kayak.

Literally paddle up to loons, hug the shorelines and watch for various animals as they seek their daily water or dinner. Watch the industrious Beaver tend to their houses and dams or even watch Otters frolicking with one another. This is only possible from the quietness of a canoe or kayak.

Kyaking and Canoeing Kenora Ontario. Our facility is located in such a location that we offer miles upon miles of sheltered shore for you to paddle. Be sure to bring lots of film as you just very well may use what you have. Naturally take the chance and fish for smallmouth bass, giant northern pike and test your skills at landing a large fish from a canoe or kayak.

Take your time. Take in our spectacular shorelines, waterfront and area scenery and wildlife.

Pull into a secluded shoreline and have lunch or cook your catch over an open fire if you wish, the day is yours to do exactly as you wish, when you wish, as fast or as slow as your wish.


Hunting with Hook n Bullet Guide Service

Join ‘HooknBullet‘ for great hunting trips on Lake of the Woods. Arrive and be transported by guide boat to your hunting campsite already set up.

You’ll arrive to your own private beach, maybe even your own private island. It is still possible to be out on Lake of the Woods and not see anyone while you’re out there. Lake of the Woods is truly incredible and offers many different possibilities. With 14,400 islands and over 60,000 miles of shoreline, Lake of the Woods is paradise.
Come out for whitetail deer, waterfowl and upland game birds. Our whitetail are well known for their size and populations are on the rise. The new Ontario record was taken (albeit illegally) not far from here recently.

HooknBullet can help make your trip a memorable one. With hunting season comes great muskie and walleye fishing. Mix it up. Have some fun. Call us today.


Fishing at Lake of the Woods & Winnipeg River

Reputed to be one of the finest bodies of water in North America for Walleye, when one looks at Lake of the Woods and the Winnipeg River System as a whole it is more than that.

Ask those that have visited our area. You will get a variety of answers to that question. It’s a Bass Lake, It’s a Muskie Lake, It’s a Trophy Northern Pike lake. So what is Lake of the Woods and the Winnipeg River? All of the above and even more.

With 65,000 miles of shoreline, 15,000 islands, LOTW to the uninitiated can be somewhat intimidating. But that’s why we guide. To show your and your’s around our spectacular area and make sure you catch fish, have a great shore lunch and fantastic days fishing.

There are not many bodies of water around today that can boast catches of 80 small-mouth bass per day. Or Catches of 40-50 walleye per day. Trophy Muskie in the 40+ lb bracket or even Lake Trout in the 30-35 lb range. Lake of the Woods does this and even more.

Born and raised in Kenora, we ourselves have spent countless hours on the lake and river. We have kept tabs of what happens in any given weather conditions also. We also tend to watch what others might be doing, but tend more or less to rely on our own sources and experience for information when it comes to what is really going on.

Don’t get me wrong. We have had “Those Days” A few of those days where you wonder what went wrong. Everyone has had those, however it’s has been more good ones than bad ones. Watching the weather is important as a front coming in can shut LOTW and other areas down faster than jack flash. However just because walleye or bass are down due the a front, that means we just change species to Muskie or Pike as they tend to get active in junk weather. Remember when you come to Kenora Lake of the Woods, you are coming here for your vacation. Your well earned vacation. Why make a contest out of it and see how many fish you can catch? A good day on the water, is better than a Bad Day at Work Anytime.

The last thing I do in the evening is check the weather, the first thing I do in the morning is check the weather again and see any changes in direction of the wind and days forecast. From those two observations I can then figure out my direction I plan to go, species to fish for and hope the weatherman was right to begin with.

Long rides are not necessary on Lake of the Woods. However in order to put you onto the best fishing this area has to offer, we could travel distance at times. Clearwater Bay for Lakers, Long Bay in Sioux Narrows for Lakers, Lg. Mouth Bass, and other species. Shoal Lake for it fantastic smallmouth bass fishing. Our boat is new as is our outboard motor. We trust our equipment and we ask you trust us to put you where the action is. The Winnipeg River itself is a great body of water for it’s walleye fisheries also. We can and will pick the best area for your daily adventures.