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Fishing at Lake of the Woods & Winnipeg River

Reputed to be one of the finest bodies of water in North America for Walleye, when one looks at Lake of the Woods and the Winnipeg River System as a whole it is more than that.

Ask those that have visited our area. You will get a variety of answers to that question. It’s a Bass Lake, It’s a Muskie Lake, It’s a Trophy Northern Pike lake. So what is Lake of the Woods and the Winnipeg River? All of the above and even more.

With 65,000 miles of shoreline, 15,000 islands, LOTW to the uninitiated can be somewhat intimidating. But that’s why we guide. To show your and your’s around our spectacular area and make sure you catch fish, have a great shore lunch and fantastic days fishing.

There are not many bodies of water around today that can boast catches of 80 small-mouth bass per day. Or Catches of 40-50 walleye per day. Trophy Muskie in the 40+ lb bracket or even Lake Trout in the 30-35 lb range. Lake of the Woods does this and even more.

Born and raised in Kenora, we ourselves have spent countless hours on the lake and river. We have kept tabs of what happens in any given weather conditions also. We also tend to watch what others might be doing, but tend more or less to rely on our own sources and experience for information when it comes to what is really going on.

Don’t get me wrong. We have had “Those Days” A few of those days where you wonder what went wrong. Everyone has had those, however it’s has been more good ones than bad ones. Watching the weather is important as a front coming in can shut LOTW and other areas down faster than jack flash. However just because walleye or bass are down due the a front, that means we just change species to Muskie or Pike as they tend to get active in junk weather. Remember when you come to Kenora Lake of the Woods, you are coming here for your vacation. Your well earned vacation. Why make a contest out of it and see how many fish you can catch? A good day on the water, is better than a Bad Day at Work Anytime.

The last thing I do in the evening is check the weather, the first thing I do in the morning is check the weather again and see any changes in direction of the wind and days forecast. From those two observations I can then figure out my direction I plan to go, species to fish for and hope the weatherman was right to begin with.

Long rides are not necessary on Lake of the Woods. However in order to put you onto the best fishing this area has to offer, we could travel distance at times. Clearwater Bay for Lakers, Long Bay in Sioux Narrows for Lakers, Lg. Mouth Bass, and other species. Shoal Lake for it fantastic smallmouth bass fishing. Our boat is new as is our outboard motor. We trust our equipment and we ask you trust us to put you where the action is. The Winnipeg River itself is a great body of water for it’s walleye fisheries also. We can and will pick the best area for your daily adventures.