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Canoeing and Kayaking

No doubt one of the best ways to see the abundance of Wildlife Lake of the Woods or the Winnipeg River System has to offer. From a seat in either a canoe or kayak.

Literally paddle up to loons, hug the shorelines and watch for various animals as they seek their daily water or dinner. Watch the industrious Beaver tend to their houses and dams or even watch Otters frolicking with one another. This is only possible from the quietness of a canoe or kayak.

Kyaking and Canoeing Kenora Ontario. Our facility is located in such a location that we offer miles upon miles of sheltered shore for you to paddle. Be sure to bring lots of film as you just very well may use what you have. Naturally take the chance and fish for smallmouth bass, giant northern pike and test your skills at landing a large fish from a canoe or kayak.

Take your time. Take in our spectacular shorelines, waterfront and area scenery and wildlife.

Pull into a secluded shoreline and have lunch or cook your catch over an open fire if you wish, the day is yours to do exactly as you wish, when you wish, as fast or as slow as your wish.