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How To Get The Most Out of Your Hot Water Tank

Did you know that your Water Heating is the second largest expense in your home accounting for 14% to 18% of your Utility Bill. I didn’t make that up. That’s according to the Department of Energy.

Most people are unaware of the choices you have in Hot Water Heaters. Most often you go by a recommendation from the local plumber or Big Box Store. In fact, how many of us actually think about what kind and size of a hot water heater we will have installed. Better yet, the energy source. Usually, the only time you think about it is when you walk down stairs to your basement to do a load of wash and there is water all over the floor. At then it’s damage control and how are we going to take showers!

With a little planning there are many choices.

Here are the most common

  • Storage Tank Hot Water Heaters
  • On Demand Tankless Type
  • Indirect Tankless Coil
  • Indirect Tank Type
  • Solar panels w/storage tank
  • Heat

Energy Efficiency

The most common energy source would be electric and natural gas. Natural Gas being more energy efficient and having a higher recovery rate.

Insulate the HWH with an insulating blanket. These can be purchased according to size. You can also use duct wrap or batt insulation and a lot of duct tape. This will help the standby loss. (the temperature drop of the water sitting in the tank idle)

New Hot Water Tank

When You Need a New Hot Water Tank

Probably the most overlooked gadgets in our properties these days is the hot water heater, or hot water tank. We treat it like an afterthought until winter is in full force then find ourselves taken by surprise with the dismay of freezing water. We only comprehend the benefit of this appliance early on when the shower is too icy to handle. That is when you realize that you don’t understand how to repair a tankless hot water heater.

Hot Water Tank Life Extension Tips

Generally, a gas-powered hot water tank will last an average of ten years. A substitute tank could be bought at a community hardware store when it’s time if that’s what you want. You may lengthen the inevitable replacement by a little while, if you know how to handle of your hot water tank by flushing it a minimum of once a year or by using an insulation jacket. You want to keep up with either one or both strategies to ensure that it’s going to last as long as it can be.

Even though it makes logical sense that old hot water tanks have to be changed every so often, you might be curious if it is required to get it done before it reaches the end.

A Water Heater Up Grade Saves On Bills Like Gas And Electric

The biggest benefit of investing in a new tankless water heater is the cash saved on your home heating fees. A new heater would, most likely, work better than any older model. You will discover several things to consider with your new purchase if you want to take full advantage of your savings which is how much use it will likely be subjected to.

A qualified water heater installation company will help you work out the size and capacity of the new hot water tank determined by the number of people in your home. After all, extra inhabitants in the house means more hot water usage.

Different Types of Hot Water Tanks

Normally, they are labeled into two classifications – natural gas and electric. Gas models are pricier than electric equipment – a normal gas heater would usually cost about $800, as electric units can cost nearly the same, but as a rule rather less. A lot of people are still opting for the old style hot water tank as it’s what we are actually most accustomed to, but on-demand water heaters have grown to be more popular, so you will want to consider both before you make an investment.

Regardless of which sort you opt for, gas powered or electric, you can still decide on the on-demand water heater type. Or for people who wish to go green you may have a look at solar energy water heaters, which greatly lessen the unsafe by-products released by other heating units. There is one thing, though – solar heating systems can be awkward to set up, so be sure you employ the service of the right contractor for the job.

No matter what type of water heater you choose, you ought to take a close look at hiring the services of a hot water tank installation contractor for the job. This particular type of job requires an knowledge of local heating system codes and suitable air flow of fumes for gas appliances. If you’re unfamiliar with this kind of job then never endanger your funds or your loved ones safety with a shoddy crack at this sort of work.

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