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Snowmobiling – Ice Fishing – Ice Hut Rentals

You can see one of our ice huts on the river. It is in a very productive spot to say the least.

HooknBullet Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing

We never really close. Except for probably during Ice IN or Ice OUT. Hook n Bullet is open all year.

We are situated close to the Sunset Trail Riders groomed and well maintained trail system and close to the necessary shopping areas you may require for any supplies you will need while spending part of your snowmobiling adventure into North Western Ontario with us. The STR as the area club is called offers superb information as to the grooming of their system through their daily, updated message board.

Ice Fishing

If you wish we can be your tour guide to our fantastic Winter wonderland, this way you will be assured of a safe and enjoyed adventure into our area over the hundreds of miles of extremely well groomed trails we have in District 17.

We will have Fishing Huts available for rent on a daily, weekly or weekend basis, (your own tackle) Trail Permits and fishing permits are available at various locations in Kenora. Trail permit prices are posted on the STR Site.

Imagine catching a 4-5 lb walleye, giant Northern Pike, Ling Cod, Perch through the ice. Our huts are strategically placed in locations WE KNOW where the fish are located.

Why spend the long winter weekends sitting at home watching re-runs on TV.? Take an adventure into Ontario’s Winter Wonderland the place we call home.