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Lake and Sightseeing Tours

Visiting Kenora and looking for something to do to pass the time?

Once you have seen the sights of Kenora we welcome you aboard our Lund 1900 Pro V to take in the sights out on Lake of the Woods. Kenora is exciting yes, but we figure that there is nothing better than seeing Kenora from the water, then seeing some of the areas finest features which ARE OUT ON THE LAKE ITSELF.

Devils Gap, Lake of the Woods HooknBullet lake ToursActually SEE while driving by the Devil at Devil’s Gap.

Black Bear HooknBullet Lake ToursCruise past one of the old mines that put Lake of the Woods and KENORA on the Map. See native Pictograph’s and you no doubt will see reasonably up close some of our Wildlife that abounds in our area. Beaver, soaring Eagles, Pelicans, deer and maybe even a Bald Eagle HooknBullet Lake of the Woods Tours.bear searching for food along the shore line. Anything is possible OUT on Lake of the Woods.

Give us a call today, and book your sightseeing tour while in Kenora. We can customize any tour to suit your requirements.

  1. A shopping tour to Sioux Narrows
  2. Dinner Cruises to Wiley Point Lodge, Totem Lodge (Sioux Narrows) Ash Rapids Lodge, Crow Rock Lodge are all included. Just book your dinner reservation and we will get you their on time, safely and bring you back to Kenora or your pick up area.
  3. Shopping Cruise to Rainy River (Cross the Border to the U.S. to shop) (Proper ID Required)

You may also want to consider a Shore Lunch which is a FOUR HOUR Tour and Lunch.